The Best Tourist Attractions and Tours in New York

New York is a tourism destination with a myriad of world-renown attractions to see and explore. Interestingly, each has a unique charm, style, and culture. That the attractions are widely varied means, there is a specific tour for every interest. From the arts to music to culinary-themed experiences, there is something for everyone. To help you narrow down to the finest, below are some of the best places to visit in New York, and the best way to get around in the city.

Statue of Liberty

monument statue of liberty

Initially France’s present to America, this statue has since its construction in 1886 remained a legendary symbol of freedom. It is also one of the most significant icons in the US. Besides weighing about 450,000 pounds, it stands at slightly less than 152 feet high from the bottom of the torch effectively making it one of the biggest statues on the planet. The icon is readily visible from land although you can get an even better view from a viewing device on the southern end of Manhattan.

Empire State Building

This gigantic state-building rises well over a mile above Manhattan, providing an expansive view to the multitude of cheerful visitors that it attracts annually. If you are lucky to visit this iconic empire on a cloudless day, you will be able to see New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The tower has two observations decks; one on floor 86 and another on level 103. Both provide excellent views and fascinating facts on the building’s rich history and significance.

Ellis Island

visiting ellis island tips

This tourist attraction features a museum, an architectural masterwork that previously (1892-1954) served both as a principal processing center as well as a hospital, on the first floor. Beyond this floor, you are free to wander the spaces of the isolated wing as you sight see some of the old bunks and amenities utilized by people intending to start lives. The property features poignant exhibits on every space. The walls contain photos, personal stories, and documents that capture crucial moments ion the history of America.

Hop-On, Hop-Off

For an exciting way to move around the city following your schedule, as you spend adequate time get the best of every attraction, this option is the best overall. The vessel leaves Pier 79, Midtown Manhattan, taking passengers on a one-and-a-half hour’s narrated cruise through the Hudson River. Consequently, you get the best chance to see and capture on your camera the best tourist attractions above as well as Brooklyn Bridge.

Bike Rent Tours

Several organizations provide Bike Tours in which they guide cyclist through approximately five miles. The rides take roughly two hours and include several stops so you can spend enough time on your places of interests. Versed tour guides have immense knowledge and great enthusiasm of the area, thus enriching your stay a great deal. Despite not being strenuous, the tours take place up to four times daily for flexibility purposes.

Walking Tours

There are several 90-minutes walking tours. Seasoned New Yorker lead a good number of them, enabling you to get a deeper understanding of the city. Big ones start at ST. Paul’s Chapel, which incidentally served as an unplanned rescue center during 9/11 attacks. The tours, therefore, take you to 9/11 Memorial. From here, the tour will take you through many other legendary sites in the area.

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