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sagrada familia tour with towers

Sagrada Familia is, undoubtedly the most remarkable and outstanding building in Barcelona. This Gaudi’s noticeable masterpiece is a principal attraction in the country. The unique building features an adept combination of sensation and Art Nouveau. A Catalan Architect, by the name Antoni Gaudi, took over its construction in 1883, entirely reshaping it to the current exceptional style. However, following his death in 1926, just when a quarter of the property was complete, progress came to a halt. Most of the blueprints he left were consumed by a fire further complicating the situation. Individual who took over had only to interpret his architecture to progress its construction.

Unmatched Appeal

So what do La Sagrada Familia tours offer to its visitors? It delivers extraordinary architectural work featuring unbelievable 3D dimensions, intricate embellishments, sophisticated doors and facades and much more. That is why it is the most famous structure in Barcelona. Almost three million guests visit the place every year. That the construction has and is slated to continue right into the future makes it’s a timeless tourist attraction. For more than 135 years, expert architects have been working on the surreal structure. With its characteristic rainbow-hued, tainted glass windows will come to a completion in the year 2016. However, even in its current state, Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly a must-see for everyone who is planning to tour the Catalan Capital.

Sagrada Familia Basilica Museum

After hypnotizing at the majestic structure, consider wondering down to the museum for a closer look at Antoni Gaudi’s prodigy developmental process. Here, you will get an in-depth examination of his experimental as well as the ongoing contraction of the church. Additionally, you will find historic photos with records of construction endeavors, sketches of structural details and statues and detailed models and cross-sections of different features. The museum also has a new workshop, on which model-makers piece up and replicate Gaudi’s initial models.

How to get there

The masterwork is situated at 401 Mallorca Street on 08013 in Barcelona. So, how can you access it? It depends on your location. Below is a detailed elaboration on how to get to this iconic masterpiece from the main key points of Catalan City.

From Plaza Catalunya

To go by Metro, follow Passeig de Gracia to a station and take the lilac. It ferries people right to the attraction. For anyone using the bus, options are many; the 50 bus is the quickest. However, if you have Barcelona Tourist Bus tickets, head over to Plaza Catalunya, and there you can board the bus to Sagrada Familia.

From El Prat Airport

To use metro board L5 line bus at the Saints stage and it will take you to the property. H10 bus, on the other hand, will take you closest to the monument. This bus makes a stop at Avinguda de Roma, adjacent to Tarragona Street. Caution; since Saints station features two exits, to catch H10 faster, leave the stage via the Paisos Catalans exit.

From Cruise Terminal

Take V11 bus from Port of Barcelona to Parallel Metro Station. At the station, board L2 (the metro line) to Sagrada Familia station. The V11 bus stops next to Teleferico Del Port tower and the World Trade Center. If you are adequately fit, alight from the bus and trek to the subway; it is just a 1 km walk.

If you are planning to visit Barcelona schedule some time tour and admire Gaudi’s unfathomable architecture. While there, spend most of your time on foot; La Sagrada Familia, a deservedly UNESCO World Heritage spot is a picturesque structure. Avoid the temptation to merely have a look at it from a distance even though it is visible from most parts of Barcelona. Seeing the cathedral from within and up close is the only way of properly appreciating it. You have the option of reconnoitring the interior on your own or with a guide. Feel free to take an elevator up the towers for sweeping views of the city.

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